Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How the evolution in physical therapy meets mobile fitness ideas in physical fitness!!! 1 techwatch, fitness technology,motion capture and evolution physical therapy


he FAB System (Functional Assessment of Biomechanics ™) developed by BIOSYN SYSTEMS INC. is the world’s first full body wireless motion capture system based on “camera free” inertial sensor technology. This innovative technology allows completely free movement without the need to stay in view of cameras.
Early in the rehabilitation process and prior to returning to work, an assessment of the patient’s capacity to resume activites should be completed. This assessment will not only determine the ability to resume activities, but also how treatment and return to activities should be structured. Critical to the objective documentation and measurement of capacity includes:
1. The quantity of movement obtained;
2. The quality of movement patterns;
3. The speed of movement (velocity and acceleration); and
4. The biomechanical forces that can be maintained.
It is also essential that during the assessment, treatment, and return to work process, the objective measurement of effort and consistency of effort be documented. Biosyn Systems has designed a system that allows for completely objective data that cannot to be tampered with and accurately calculates kinematic and biomechanical capacity.

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