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"WHAT'S WITHIN YOU IS STRONGER THAN WHAT IS IN YOUR WAY" eco-friendly way to charge my iPod or iPhone while out enjoying nature?

...Hymini Deluxe pack, this includes a wind-powered charger plus a mini Solar Panel attachment, there is also a bicycle mount, so you can produce eco-friendly electricity while on the move.  This would be a great product when camping or anytime you need electricity for a quick charge, but there are no electrical outlets available.  The Hymini Deluxe pack features:
  • Eco-Friendly wind turbine generates electricity
  • miniSolar panel absorbs sun’s rays to charge Li-On battery
  • Stores power using built in 1200mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • LED charging indicator lights
  • lightweight, completely portable charging
The product with a bicycle mount can be purchased for about $80.00 plus shipping from a great site called;
What a great product,  I’ll never have a dead iPod again!

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Bike Gallery- Bicycle Tours cont...

... overnighters, then weekenders, and eventually we’ve progressed into multi-week overseas bike tours

Traveling and cycling are two things that we really enjoy doing, so it only seemed natural for us to combine the two and that is exactly what we did.  With both our daughters now off to college we purchased our bikes and started bicycle touring.  At first our bicycle tours were overnighters, then weekenders, and eventually we’ve progressed into multi-week overseas bike tours.   Our dream or goal if you will, is to one day take a year or two off from the everyday grind of life and travel around the world.
To keep up with our latest adventure make sure you check out our “Travel Blog”.  If pictures are your thing, click on “Gallery Of Tours” to see photos of past adventures or click on  “Gallery Of Bikes” and select from one of the categories for pictures of loaded bikes submitted from other touring cyclist.
We’d really like hearing from you, so please sign our “Guestbook” and/or shoot us an email; include a picture of your loaded bike and we’ll get it posted in our gallery.  We hope you find our site interesting and helpful.

Charity Events & Cycling

News regarding God's Pedal Power Ministry
March 2006:  We had another successful bike give-away program on the Saturday following St. Patrick's Day. In all, almost 50 bikes were given to people in need. When we have so many people at one time, we really need the help of our volunteers. I especially would like to thank the volunteers who have physical or mental challenges but still give their all to help others.
February 2006:  Used, (garage grade), 4 drawer filing cabinets were donated to GPPM. Our plan is to use these cabinets to better organize our growing supply of bicycle parts. When GPPM receives bikes which have too much damage to refurbish, they are disassembled, and the parts are used to repair and refurbish additional bikes. Thanks to all for your donations.
January 2006:  GPPM received a large amount of donated bikes from families where children received new bikes from their parents at Christmas time. At the same time GPPM found a Hispanic mission with a great need for bicycles for children who did not receive any presents for Christmas. GPPM volunteers met for extended hours to refurbish enough bikes to meet the needs of all the request of the mission. As a side note, My wife and I have now retired from our careers now, so we intend to spend many more hours with GPPM and other causes.
December 2005:  Volunteers applied for and received a grant to help buy new bicycles for a large group of foster children for Christmas. With the help of many people and one great foundation, we were able to identify specific needs, shop for the bikes and distribute 235 new bikes in time for Christmas. GPPM was given a very nice plaque of appreciation from the Hillsborough County Foster Parent Association. An additional 150 refurbished bikes were given out to people in need during the month of December. 
July 2005:  It is a hot time in Florida, but with the wonderful ceiling fans which were donated to the program, GPPM volunteers stay cool. We have a lot of kids visiting the program on summer evenings, and it gives volunteers a chance to spread a positive message. We have been doing a little outreach by taking some bikes to some homeless people who attend a service and receive a lunch meal from a church in another depressed neighborhood. We continue to try to reach people who are in great need. Thank God for the opportunity.

June 2005:  The New Tampa Rotary Club and East Tampa Sertoma invited volunteers to attend meetings in June where both clubs made substantial contributions to GPPM to help the program continue to help those in need. We offer our thanks and our pledge that we will be there to help others. During the month we have upgraded our safety classes with video tapes on bike safety which we received from both the Florida and national offices of the highway safety and transportation offices. The kids seem to really like the videos.
May 10, 2005:  GPPM story airs on nearby WUSF 89.7 radio station.  Click here to listen to complete story as aired.  Story by Brad Stager.
January 2005:  A new year and a new challenge. A freak Christmas night wind storm tore off 12 clear panels from the roof of the GPPM bike building. Our building and our spirits are solid, but the dozen panels had to be replaced. There was very little water damage inside of the building, and volunteers still held our twice weekly bike repair nights while roof repairs were scheduled. (God could just see us a little better for a few weeks). Repairs have been made and we are now busy reorganizing after the wonderful influx of donated bikes that happens every year when people donate their old bikes which have been replaced at Christmas time. Donations and volunteers are always welcomed. God's Pedal Power Ministry (GPPM) is a 501c3 and donations can be properly deducted from your taxes. Thanks again!
December 2004:  The entire month was blessed. A special grant from the Hobbs Foundation allowed us to give 52 new, fully outfitted bikes to children in need (click here for photo gallery). We had our regular GPPM bicycle give-away, we helped children from a Boys and Girls Club. We also worked with a local Corvette Club to enhance their generous gift to a foster children's program. By adding a refurbished bike and safety helmet we enhanced their Christmas. Thanks to the many people who helped us help others.
November 13, 2004:  The rain dampened our clothes a little, but our spirits were high and dry as volunteers of God's Pedal Power Ministry gave away more than 20 bikes to people in need. The rain reminds us of how successful GPPM has been over the past two years.  For the first 5 years of GPPM's existence, volunteers had to work on bikes in the parking lot, and the rain was discouraging.  Now, with our 2 year old bike building, volunteers have a dry, well equipped, well lighted facility to perform repairs and refurbish bikes to give away. Thanks again to all who helped make the bike building possible. We want to also thank the new crew of young men who have started helping on Tuesday and Thursday nights. These teenagers could be involved in many different things, but they choose to come help our bike ministry....thanks guys.  We are getting ready for a very special Christmas giveaway to children in need from a local elementary school.  We hope to have pictures posted on this web site in December.  In advance, we would like to thank the Hobbs Foundation for sponsoring the upcoming giveaway. Keep us in your prayers, and Happy Thanksgiving.
October 19, 2004:  
God's Pedal Power Ministry delivered a pickup truck and trailer load of bikes and used parts to an organization that works with boys with problems. The bikes need to be refurbished, but the organization will use them to train the young boys, and to reward positive actions and grades. Some refurbished bikes will be presented to a young person upon successful graduation from the facility's program. This facility is a step before serious detention, and is designed to transform the young people before they cross a more serious line of trouble. We are impressed with the atmosphere, the discipline and the sense of religion which exist at this facility. 
September 30, 2004: 
With flooding, tree damage and structural damage prevalent around the University Community Area after Florida’s recent Hurricane Season,  we are happy to say that God’s Pedal Power Ministry’s bike building held up very well.  There were a few gallons of rain water on the floor, and the fiberglass skylights will need some repairs, but we were blessed.  We are currently getting estimates for repairs, but it has not affected our ability to repair and refurbish bikes.  Thanks again to those who send words of encouragement and small donations, and a special thanks to the grandmother who stopped by and brought the fresh baked cookies!  As repaired bikes leave our building, we ask the rider to go out into their community and do good deeds for others…..we never expected fresh baked cookies - Thanks So Much!
Just one more thought….Instead of the people of the World trying to  “Better”, their fellow man by buying larger houses, larger boats and more expensive cars, clothes and jewelry as a sign of success………..What would the World be like if we measured  success by looking at the amount of kind deeds we do for our fellow mankind?
Thanks for your time.
 August 28, 2004:  We had  another excellent bicycle adoption this Saturday. 35 refurbished bicycles were given out to people in need.  As usual, we gave a safety lesson, an inspirational message, a bike safety helmet, and a new Bible to those in attendance.  We continue to repair dozens of bikes in the University Community Neighborhood each week.  Additional volunteers continue to stop by to help, and we are still giving bike repair training to residents of the area who want to give back to their community.
July 20, 2004:  God's Pedal Power Ministry was presented with a very generous donation today from the members of the Tampa East Sertoma Club.  Sertoma Clubs perform a variety of fundraising events to raise money for charitable causes.  GPPM is an all volunteer organization, so the donations received will go directly to helping people in need.  Our thanks to Tampa East Sertoma, and to the increasing number of volunteers who help us with bike repairs.
July 6, 2004:  On Tuesday night GPPM celebrated its 7th anniversary.  Cake was enjoyed by volunteers and people who had stopped in for bike repairs.  During the past month GPPM extended its outreach to a young bike ministry in St. Pete, a training facility for young men, a seaport ministry, and a bike ministry located in the Dominican Republic.  We continue to challenge those who we have helped to repay us by doing good deeds for others.  Donations are welcome, but most of all, keep us in your prayers.  Thank you.
June 19, 2004:
 We adopted out 25 bikes to people in need. Some of our regular volunteers have traveled back to their summer homes up north, but additional volunteers stepped up to help with the safety program, the inspirational message, the proper fitting of bikes and helmets, and the record keeping for the new bike owners.
June 19, 2004:
 We were pleased to have members of the Pilot International Club visit with us. The club which meets at the Lake Myrtle Baptist Church in Land O’ Lakes, Florida has just made an additional donation of two cases of bike safety helmets. Many thanks to them, and to all of our volunteers and all of the clubs, businesses, organizations and individuals who make God’s Pedal Power Ministry so successful.
June 11, 2004:
 We received a very generous donation from the New Tampa Rotary Club. We are working with these fine people again this year to provide bikes and safety helmets to Mort Elementary School’s program for children who are recognized for good citizenship.    
May 2004:  GPPM was among the volunteer groups represented at a free event located at the University Area Community Center.  About 150 children from the University Area were given safety lessons, free bike helmets, and were helped with bicycle repairs.  Other volunteers included Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, University of South Florida medical students, and the University Area Community Development Corp.
May 2004:  GPPM volunteers, with help from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are giving kids an incentive to wear their bicycle helmets.  The Buccaneers sent us 200 football stickers to place on bicycle helmets.  The kids are often reminded, "you never see a professional football player go on the field without their helmet".  Reinforcing this message is important in promoting responsibility and safety within our community.  See how the Buccaneers made it cool to be safe 
May 2004:  We are looking for more volunteers to help in our busiest time of the year. We work Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00 until 9:00.  Drop by and check out our facility if you have a spare evening. No one gets paid, but the retirement benefits are out of this world!
March 2004:  Donations have continued to help make our program successful.  Money, helmets, bikes and bike parts have continued to come in.  We have been able to help other people who are starting similar programs and we are about to launch a program, which will help new communities.  We conservatively estimate that over 3,000 bikes have been given away to people in need and bike repairs probably double that number.
2003:  Volunteers worked overtime to complete bikes and finish the inside of the new building.  An office and a parts room were built and volunteers from the Temple Terrace Baptist Church (First Aid) loaned their labor and expertise to help plan and wire electricity into the new building.  All Phase Electric Supply went beyond all expectations with donations for the building.  By Easter, the new building was ready for operation, and the old buildings had been removed from the church’s property, and the old site was cleaned. Volunteering in the new building is so much easier now because bikes can remain on a bike stand if they are not finished.  Parts are organized, work areas are well lit, and ceiling fans keep us cool.  The new building has large rollup doors, and the concrete construction is much safer.  This has been a labor of love from volunteers from many different churches, businesses, and individuals.  See New Building
2002:  The program continued to expand and plans were made for a building to house the entire program.  Following a large single donation, ground was broken and the new building was started.  By the time GPPM had their annual Christmas bike give-away, the new building was dried in and we were able to store 128 bikes for the Christmas giveaway.
2001:  Volunteers kept a steady pace of repairing bikes for those in need in the neighborhood.  Volunteers from many different churches began to show up and help with the increased workload.  GPPM was featured in newspaper articles and TV reports.  Several volunteers were recognized for their efforts.
2000:  The year 2000 saw constant growth of GPPM.  A building fund was started to erect a larger building to house the entire operation and allow volunteers to work inside instead of the parking lot surrounding the bike buildings.
Father's Day 1998:  An additional building was moved to the grounds of the University Baptist Church.  This was an old construction trailer, which was converted to a bike parts trailer to allow for the expansion of GPPM.
May 1998:  Through hard work by volunteers and donations, a 10 x 20 building was moved to the grounds of the University Baptist Church.  It became a free standing building for GPPM.
September 1997:  Members of St. James United Methodist Church were encouraged by Rev. Clark Pickett to get involved with this program as a mission outreach.
July 1997:  God’s Pedal Power Ministry, GPPM, was founded by a member of the University Baptist Church. Volunteers worked out of a Sunday School classroom.

For general questions, send your email to:

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How you can earn athletic scholarships

How you can earn athletic scholarships

National Christian Home School Athletic Association
P.O. Box 8060
Wichita, KS 672208-8060
Phone: (316) 684-6953
Family Educators' Alliance of South Texas (FEAST)
4719 Blanco Road
San Antonio, TX 78212
Phone: (210) 342-4674
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 917-6222
National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)
Tulsa, OK
Phone: (918) 494-8828

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Volunteers, Interns, Student Recruitment Ideas

@VM_Soluti​ons,,@Vol_​of_America ,@nonprofi​tdirect,@V​olunteerMa​tch,@Point​sofLight ,@Upwardly​_Global ,@VOAGNO,@​VolunteerM​D,@uisvolu​nteer,@Vol​unteerLink ,@DonorsFo​rumSF,@ful​lcirclefun​d ,@tippoint

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PLANET2U IS PERFECT FOR: SPORTS TEAMS.../Everybody Loves Smoothies - New Online Portal Offers Free Smoothies Recipes for Everyone

( March 23, 2010 -- Venice, FL, March 23, 2010 -- Back in the 1930's, health food stores began selling pureed fruit drinks. Since that time, Smoothies have become a full-fledged health craze throughout the world. Today the smoothie industry is a multi-billion dollar industry serving the needs and taste buds of health oriented consumers.

Finally, a website has emerged to assist with compiling the world's favorite smoothie recipes. Launched in February 2010, has been welcomed by thousands of weight loss enthusiasts and health fans. There are literally thousands upon thousands of smoothie recipes that people enjoy every day. Some of these smoothies are nutritional in composition; others target energy as well as weight loss or dietary needs. Millions of people now consume several smoothies a week as part of a weight loss or nutritional program.

Many smoothies recipes are composed of various amounts of fruit, ice, yogurt, soy milk, liquid vitamins or amino acids. Most smoothies are high in dietary fiber, vitamins and anti oxidants. They are also easily digestible, which makes them a favorite among people with gastro-intestinal issues.
The purpose of ( ) is to serve as an online portal where smoothie fans can visit, to share or locate smoothie recipes that are tasty and nutritious. The massive, constantly growing collection of Smoothies Recipes is ideal for health-conscious people, and many of the recipes feature ingredients such as soy milk, whey powder, green tea, herbal supplements, and nutritional supplement mixes.

The website - - offers thousands of great recipes that are tasty and offer nutritional benefits for health conscious individuals. Anyone who has a favorite smoothie recipe is invited to visit and contribute. Registration is free.

About was launched in February 2010 to collect and share thousands of smooties recipes for consumers of these healthy, fruit- and vegetable-based drinks. Visitors can download free smoothies recipes, or share their own recipes, by visiting the company's web site at

Press Contact:
Jocelyn Julie
Synack Marketing, Inc
1515 S Tamiami Trail, Unit 7
Venice, FL 34285

( April 3, 2012 -- Franklin, TN (USA), Monday - April 02, 2012 -- Planet Smoothie ( ), which serves fresh fruit smoothies with low calorie, low sugar and high protein options, has launched its Flavors of the Tropics campaign. The campaign promotes the Sambazon® products including the limited time only Açaí smoothies and bowls. Açaí (ah-sigh-ee), a fruit packed with antioxidants, healthy omegas and delicious powers, is found atop 50-foot palm trees in the Amazon.
From March 19 through April 15, the Açaí Gold Smoothie, featuring Sambazon Açaí blended with pineapple, mango and orange juice, will be offered along with the Crazy Carnival Bowl, made up of Sambazon Açaí blended thickly with mangos, raspberries and a splash of apple juice, then topped with sliced banana and granola. The Amazon Kick smoothie, featuring Sambazon Açaí blended with strawberries, blueberries and banana, will be available from April 16 to May 14. The Ipanema Beach Bowl, which is Sambazon Açaí blended thickly with banana and peanut butter and topped with sliced banana and granola, is also available from April 16 to May 14. From May 15 to June 10, customers will be able to get the Original Açaí Smoothie, which is Sambazon Açaí blended with the customer’s choice of fresh apples or apple juice, strawberries and banana. The bowl from May 15 to June 10 is the Rio Bowl, featuring Sambazon Açaí blended thickly with fresh apples and banana and topped with sliced banana and granola.
All Planet Smoothie ( ) locations are participating. Atlanta, Ga.-based Planet Smoothie offers customers a quick, portable snack or meal replacement with their fresh fruit smoothies. The menu is organized into lifestyle categories like protein, weight loss, energy, wellness and cool blended. Planet Smoothie has more than 100 units in operation, mainly in Georgia and Florida. The brand was acquired last year by Franklin, Tenn.-based Tasti D-Lite, the great-tasting, lower-calorie frozen dessert chain with a cult following among health-conscious consumers as well as celebrities. Now that Tasti D-Lite is the official franchisor of Planet Smoothie, the collaboration will offer dual brands, with Tasti products being added to selected Planet Smoothie stores, and Planet Smoothie’s offerings to join the menus at some Tasti D-Lite locations.

Planet Smoothie:
Franklin, TN
Contact: Donna Smith
Phone: 615-550-3118

Press & Media Contact:
Courtney Thomas / Caitlin Varley
Sanderson & Associates, Ltd
Franklin, TN - USA
312-829-4350 /

Global Family Yoga

PO Box 1329
Pahoa, HI 96778
United States

Mira Binzen, E-RYT, RCYT

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Affective and Behavioral Outcomes, Adherence to Program Effectiveness, Theory of Work Motivation

About the DCLG- MODEL


 ( and

Service can be aligned precisely with the job requirement which provide cost efficiency savings and behavior or affective outcomes through people/personal critical psychological states and intrinsic rewards, internal work motivation which reinforces work behavior.

New Employee Model
"High motivating potential combines with the person's knowledge and skill to produce high internal work motivation!"

Knowledge of the actual results of work activities
Experience responsibility for outcomes of the work
Experience meaningfulness of the work

"Work perceived as unimportant by the person doing the job is not likely to produce high levels of affective and behavioral response."

Skill variety
Task identity
Task significance
Feedback from the job itself

 excerpts from Organizational Behavior - Joseph E.Champoux

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Signs, symptoms and strategies to recognize and address instructor, practitioner burnout.

Personal limits of knowledge and skill

Code of ethics

Business laws

Negligence laws

Recognized scope of practice

Accepted standards of care

Knowledge of laws and governmental regulations regarding reporting and confidentiality

Quality of service regarding professional growth-acquiring continuing education,conferences, workshops, et
referrals to more qualified medical/health professionals when appropriate

Practitioners being skilled in areas of testing GKTs (GRADED EXERCISE TESTS)



Program factors


Environmental factors: "AMBIANCE"

Personal factors:




younger (particularly high impact)
highly educated
white collar workers
whites as compared with minority groups
not significantly overweight

Exercise Confidence Survey
helps to identify which clients benefit from strategies that enhance exercise





interpersonal communication skills

information gathering skills

Problem solving or decision making skills

Behavioral change skills (feedback, contractions,modeling,etc..)


the body is like an incredible machine!
It's function actually improves with use of its movement is compatible with its design and the physical laws of motion.
However, if repetitive movement occurs that is incompatible with the body's design, a breakdown results, either as an acute injury or degeneration over time.
It is vital that the exercises and activities you employ as a personal trainer not only enhance the body's performance but also prevent it's injury in the gym and in real life. Use the tools and knowledge base of kinesiology to prepare your clients for the physical activities, postures, and the phsysical stresses it undergoes in those positions, identify habitual conditions. Design activities to improve under those conditions, improve the body's function under those conditions

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What are Plyometric Exercises?/ plyometric training program

Many athletes and trainers use plyometric jumping exercises to build power and speed, improve coordination and agility and effectively improve sports performance. It's also important to recognize that these are high risk exercises and if performed incorrectly or performed without a solid base of training, plyometrics can increase the risk of injury.
What are Plyometric Exercises?
Plyometric exercises are specialized, high intensity training techniques used to develop athletic power (strength and speed). Plyometric training involves high-intensity, explosive muscular contractions that invoke the stretch reflex (stretching the muscle before it contracts so that it contracts with greater force). The most common plyometric exercises include hops, jumps and bounding movements. One popular plyometric exercise is jumping off a box and rebounding off the floor and onto another, higher box. These exercises typically increase speed and strength and build power.
Safety of Plyometrics
Experts in the field of exercise science have varying opinions of plyometrics. The American College of Sports Medicine states that "that plyometric training is a safe, beneficial and fun activity for children and adolescents provided that the program is properly designed and supervised." (Read more in Plyometric Training for Children and Adolescents).
The American Council on Fitness also recommends plyometric exercise if done properly. And the National Strength and Conditioning Association offers a position stand in favor of plyometrics.
Plyometrics (and any impact exercise) can increase the risk of injury if you don't follow certain safety precautions. The tremendous force generated during these moves requires that athletes use them sparingly and with proper training.
The most important aspect of a safe and effective plyometric program is developing a safe landing technique. This means the athlete lands softly on the toes and rolls to the heels. By using the whole foot (and a larger surface area) for landing it helps dissipate the impact forces on the joints. The other key to proper landing is to avoid any twisting or sideways motion at the knee.
Plyometrics Safety Tips
  • Plyometrics are recommended only for well-conditioned athletes
  • You should have high levels of leg strength prior to performing plyometrics
  • Warm up thoroughly before starting plyometrics
  • Start slowly with small jumps and gradually build up
  • Land softly (see above) to absorb shock
  • Allow plenty of rest between plyometric workouts
  • Stop immediately if you feel any pain in your joints
  • Pay attention to Injury Warning Signs.
  • Use footwear with plenty of cushioning
  • Perform plyometrics on soft or cushioned surfaces only
This plyometric training program has been used to prevent ACL injuries in women soccer players.
Keep in mind that you can develop a great deal of strength and power without resorting to plyometrics, but if you participate in sports that require jumping and landing, plyometric training may be beneficial to improve skill and performance.


The Athlete’s Database is a downloadable training log to help you log and analyze all of your aerobic workouts and races regardless of your chosen sport (swimming, running, cycling, etc.) The database allows you to record every minute detail of your workout (or race) including: distance, time, pace, speed, body temperature, and heart rate information and you can even keep track of your water consumption. The tools include a heart rate timer, calendar, logbook, statistics page, graph tool, report generator, and a Metric to English calculator. Once installed, there’s no learning curve. The software is simple to use and perfect for athletes who want to analyze and improve performance and race times. My favorite feature is the ability to open and use all the tools at the same time in your very own "virtual desktop." The price: a very reasonable $34.95.

Monday, January 23, 2012 Shaw Mobile Fitness affiliate website

Group Support
T-shirts, newsletter or other devices to identify the client as a member of your team. Team orientation. Team building.