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corporate solutions!!!!!! Engaging the Volunteer of the Future!!!! Engaging and Inviting Volunteers, Interns & Paid Staff- Read more about what's going on!!

Be a Great Volunteer

Part of having a great volunteer experience relies on your ability to be a great volunteer. These basic principles are good to keep in mind:
  • Be professional.
  • Honor your volunteer commitments.
  • Extend gratitude to an organization for any training or professional development you receive while volunteering.

VolunteerMatch for Nonprofits

We're here for you: we spotlight your cause and we do what it takes to get you the volunteers you need, when you need them.

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Herzberg's theory concentrates on the importance of internal job factors as motivating forces for employees. He designed it to increase job enrichment for employees. Herzberg wanted to create the opportunity for employee's to take part in planning, performing, and evaluating their work. He suggested to do this by:[6]
  • Removing some of the control management has over employees and increasing the accountability and responsibility they have over their work. Which would in return increase employee autonomy, authority and freedom.
  • Creating complete and natural work units where is it possible. An example would be allowing employees to create a whole unit or section instead of only allowing them to create part of it.
  • Providing regular and continuous feedback on productivity and job performance directly to employees instead of through supervisors
  • Encouraging encouraging employees to take on new and challenging task and becoming experts at a task.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Purple and blue pigment-related flavonoid phytonutrients, referred to as anthocyanins such as those that yield color to blackberries, blueberries, plums, raisins, eggplant, purple cabbage and purple-fleshed potatoes have been shown to have health benefits.
Benefits from ingesting these blue and purplish pigmented foods that have been demonstrated include protection against liver injuries; significant reduction of blood pressure; improvement of eyesight; strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities; inhibition of mutations caused by mutagens from cooked food; and suppression of proliferation of human cancer cells. As with other phenolic compounds, anthocyanins are free radical scavengers-meaning they are antioxidants that protect against free radical damage. The consumption of anthocyanins may play a major role in preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

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case statement/ external & internal case statement material
SHAW’S MOBILE FITNESS and Welcome to the SHAW MOBILE FITNESS training site! Here you will find information on all the services we offer, both internally and externally, as well as schedules, resources and policies, and the latest announcements so you always know what's available, trendy, and benefiicial to your health. “Providing physical fitness to everyone regardless of physical or geographic barriers”. You can request to register for a training session, advertising, cobranding, sponsorship, career opportunities, performance enhancement tools (professional performance videos and audio performance music) and any course through our online form. Don't hesitate to contact the professionals on our training team should you have any questions. Niche benefits: Advantages to the client Convenience for clients: Older clients Impaired clients Rural clients, clients that might have limitations in getting to preferred equipment Time; convenience for training sessions, travel Money; costs for membership fees, maintenance Security; for client, supplies Geographic: Gym location or transportation for the client Environmental Psychographic: physical limitations Extrovert/introvert or personality types Learning styles that enhance or are compatible with training Inventory cost Ways to reduce inventory cost Rental equipment Sponsorship Partner investors On demand Marketing partnerships Reduction of gym rental space costs Vitamin suppliers herbal supplement suppliers Target Online stores that have less market visibility Aquatic suppliers Gym equipment Wardrobe/sports gear Athletic sponsorship, pro player/sports affiliates/ performance music supplies Athletic/sports medicine/physicians Athletic scholarship sponsorships/Scholarship donations Charity sponsorship/global investment opportunities. Global accounts, national accounts Outsourced sports trainers/physical therapist-co branding or affiliate opportunities Quasi equity is a resourceful tool in acquiring equipment, tools, property, service and so forth which is an asset toward getting the project off the ground, I believe this could be good with the use of the buyer/seller employee hiring concept because of the commitment there as well. I work as a freelance in house broadcast ad writer, in addition to several multimedia arts dual careers, so advertising trade offs, endorsements and sponsorships is a given in the media genre. and
Change management involved in relating fitness oriented services to a broader group of
clients is a transformational change in employability, quality staffing and a developmental
change that was made to increase the number of clients served by the business, increasing
the services rendered beyond fitness towards more well-being and rehabilitative service
personnel with an emphasis on
• Skill variety
• Task identity
• Task significance
• Autonomy
The matrix organizational structure regarding top down management to a decentralized
management system is also a part of the transformational change and is necessary do to the
mobility and client services offered of which reliable management teams are utilized.
Working with Shaw Mobile Fitness, ( ,, concepts in fitness restructuring and services
provided a overall new concept in the vision behind these changes incorporating the
participation of fitness trainers, practitioners working in health related services, particularly
physically rehabilitative services while also acknowledging the trends towards onsite
physical fitness programs that cater fitness services away from a standard location. The
services also extended into philanthropy by providing services into rehabilitative and clients
who have impaired physical limitations that might otherwise reject the idea of committing to
a fitness program outside of their habitats or regimes.
The trends in fitness and wellness programs are incorporated in EAPs, employee assistance
programs and wellness programs, which are foreseen to be favorable for a large group of
corporate, business service providers who are investing in their human capital and employees
like the idea of the extension of services making this type of outsourcing an quality
investment, but not a service that has to be maintained by the company’s budget.
“What kinds of onsite wellness support do you recommend?
There are 3 basic categories of onsite wellness support:
• Onsite health coaches or wellness coordinators
• Onsite services, such as biometric screenings, health fairs, or clinics
• Onsite programs, such as classes, in-person health coaching, or wellness challenges.
Why is onsite wellness support important?
Putting a dedicated person or programs onsite can boost employees’ perception that
management cares about their health…Here are just a few benefits: Onsite healthcare professionals can maximize your teachable moments, intervening in
real time, when employees are thinking about their health. ß Onsite staff can track biometric numbers and user rates for fitness or clinic visits and use
that to help you deliver more timely and personalized health interventions.
ß On-the-ground staff can encourage healthy lifestyle choices by arming employees with
information and local support.
ß Knowledgeable local staff can guide employees to the right vendor partner and carrier
WebMD Health Services, July 16, 2012,
Management in the formation of the business structure is seen as an image of the change
manager as a coach, the changes implemented shape the organizational culture towards one
that is coactive, collaborative thus the role of being a coach assist lower level management
and practitioners, an empowering element with the organizational culture. As a coach, focus
on the vision, the expansion of services is one that provides continual support into realms
and capabilities other fitness program models are not regarded as in performance or services
extended. A new visionary image supported by continual coaching and empowerment in
practitioner services. The composition of transformational change, developmental change and
Type III Change, change takes place in the ideology of fitness programs or the expansion of
fitness programs which have been marketed as less personal, location oriented, for a select
group of consumers and limited in providing an communal goodwill outside of being a venue
to accommodate the guest with onsite limitations that do not extend beyond the gym, unless the
client can afford their personal trainer services

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Making Innovation Work

Making Innovation Work : How to Manage It, Measure It, and
Profit from It
Authors: Davila, Tony
Epstein, Marc J.
Shelton, Robert D.
Publication Information: Wharton School Pub. 2006
Description: eBook. 361p.
Subjects: Organizational change--Management
Technological innovations--Management
Industrial management
Categories: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Structural Adjustment
ISBN: 9780131497863. 9780132044882.
Accession Number: 140951
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951&site=ehost-live">Making Innovation Work : How to Manage It, Measure
It, and Profit from It</a>

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Fitness Online - (interactive health calculator on lifestyle behaviors)

Fundamentals of fitness and wellness of Fitness and Wellness&iu=

Concept Summary

Facts About Health and Wellness
  • Good health is of primary importance to adults in our society.
  • Health varies greatly with income, gender, age, and family origin.
  • Increasing the span of healthy life is a principal health goal. (Web)
  • Health is more than freedom from illness and disease.
  • Many illnesses are manageable and have only limited effect on total health.
  • Wellness is the positive component of optimal health.
  • Health and wellness are multidimensional.
  • Wellness reflects how one feels about life as well as one’s ability to function effectively.
  • Health and wellness are integrated states of being.
  • Health and wellness are individual in nature.
  • It is possible to possess wellness while being ill or possessing a debilitating condition.
  • Wellness is a useful term that may be used by quacks as well as experts.
Facts about Physical Fitness
  • Physical fitness is a multidimensional state of being.
  • The health-related components of physical fitness are directly associated with good health.
  • The skill-related components of physical fitness are more associated with performance than good health.
  • Metabolic fitness is a non-performance component of total fitness.
  • Bone integrity is often considered to be a non-performance measure of fitness.
  • The many components of physical fitness are specific in nature, but are also inter-related.
  • Good physical fitness is important to, but is not the same as physical health and wellness.
The Facts About Healthy Lifestyles
  • Lifestyle change, more than any other factor, is considered to be the best way of preventing illness and early death in our society.
  • The major causes of early death have shifted from infectious diseases to chronic lifestyle related conditions. (Web)
  • Healthy lifestyles are critical to wellness.
  • Regular physical activity, sound nutrition, and managing stress are considered to be priority healthy lifestyles.
  • The shift in causes of illness and the new emphasis on fitness, wellness, and healthy lifestyles has resulted in a shift toward prevention and promotion in addition to disease treatment.
The HELP Philosophy: The Facts
  • The HELP Philosophy can provide a basis for making healthy lifestyle change possible.
  • A personal philosophy that emphasizes Health can lead to behaviors that promote it.
  • Everyone can benefit from healthy lifestyles.
  • Healthy behaviors are most effective when practiced for a Lifetime.
  • Healthy lifestyles must be adopted based on Personal needs.
Strategies for Action: The Facts
  • Self-assessments of healthy lifestyles will help you determine areas in which you may need changes to promote optimal health, wellness, and fitness.
  • Initial self-assessments of wellness and fitness will provide information for self-comparison as you learn more about health, wellness and fitness. (Web)
  • Wellness Interactive Network This site delivers information to meet individual needs by offering diverse resources and information dealing with health and wellness. There is an entire health assessment section that provides many different tools for profiling health risk, personalized fitness and nutrition plans, cancer awareness, and others.
  • of Fitness and Wellness&iu=